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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good friend/Fun numbers

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing my fellow-exchange-student-to-England-friend Lynn (AFS/UK 1980-81) in Michigan. Lynn and I really connected 28 years ago and have continued a friendship that has gone through periods of closeness (camping our way through the midwest's Laura Ingalls Wilder sites and both of our weddings) as well as years of sparseness in communication. But last week, after not seeing one another for thirteen years, we just picked right up like a couple of teenagers and yacked into the wee hours of the morning. Despite the disparity between brown-eyed 'Big Cindy' and blue-eyed 'Little Lynn' (as we were known) we always found uncanny or off-the-wall similarities between us, and this meeting was no exception.

Although we knew some of the following quirky details we just hadn't put them together until our visit. Here was our kooky finding:

My third child is named Ellen.
Lynn has a sister named Ellen.
Her sister, Ellen, is the third child in her family.
Lynn's third child is named Thomas.
I have a brother named Thomas.
My brother, Thomas, is the third child in our family.
Isn't that cool?

If you just read that and thought, "So what", you do not join Lynn and I on the wacky page on which we keep finding ourselves.

Thanks, Lynn, for a wonderful reconnection. I look forward to doing it again over a Husky game this fall!!


Keelie said...

How fun! I would love to meet up with Shen again someday...I guess if you hadn't seen Lynn in 13 years, it could happen!:)
Love the list of similarities - how crazy is that! How was it that you met up in Michigan?

Kara Jo said...

Praise God for those special relationships. What a blessing!