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Sunday, July 27, 2008

What happened to July?

During the month of June I kept getting asked how my summer was going. I kept answering, "Nice and slow, like summer is supposed to go."

Then July hit.

Week one--three days (solo) in the hospital with Gabe.

Week two--three day trip (solo) to Michigan.

Week three--return Chet to Houghton, loaded down with bachelor living gear and five younger sibling in tow (solo), spend a night, then head west to Superior for Shane's baseball tournament. Away from home for three more days.

Week four--pack up the RV and six youngest (AND KEITH! NOT SOLO) and head to Eau Claire for the Babe Ruth 15 year old State tournament. If we lose a quick two games we're home the next day.... Nope, the team was good! They kept us camping three nights and after four days of straight baseball we drove home with a second place trophy. Good games Troy!

Details and pictures coming later in the week....I don't think I have to go anywhere.

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