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Monday, April 20, 2009

Locks of Love

Lisa loves long hair. Lisa hates getting her hair combed. Problem.

I told Lisa about Locks of Love , a program to which people (who have 10 inches or more hair to spare) can donate hair to make wigs for children who, due to a medical condition, have none. Lisa wanted to help. Solution.

Lisa before

The new Lisa


Dana said...

I think the haircut makes her look was kinda funny. When I saw the "new Lisa" I thought she still had the long hair because of the pigtails she's holding up.

Ellen said...

haha, I thought the same thing, Dana.
Lisa, I think your haircut is pretty cute, I am happy it'll be a half inch longer by the time I see you though! Your long hair is just so pretty. I'm sure the other little girls (or boys?) will be so happy to have yours though :-)

Jamie said...

Lol, I too thought the same thing! I had to stare at it for a bit to see that it wasn't connected!

Lisa - Way to go! Your new hair cut is cute and some little kid is going to be so happy to have your hair! I'm excited to see your new look in person the next time we come up!

Coley said...

We are all nerds. I did the same thing. I finally noticed the bangs then I saw where her hands were. I feel better that I wasn't alone.=)

Kari Mitchell said...

Tell Lisa Aunt Kari just did Locks of Love again right before we went to Florida! So proud of her! And she'll LOVE that shorter hair for the summer! Thanks for the pics!

Kari Mitchell said...

Oh and yes, I'm a nerd too because I couldn't figure out the "after" picture either?! :) Aunt Kari

Keithslady said...

I'll have to put a picture of her without the extra hair, sorry!