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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Talk about a Good Samaritan!

Last Friday Shane participated in the Wisconsin State Geography Bee in Madison, but he almost didn't. After studying for weeks and hoping to make it into the top five (and having a good shot at it) he had some pretty big obstacles to overcome.

We left at 5 AM--not much sleep.
Our vehicle broke down at 7:30 AM--panic at how to get there.
We raced all over Westfield looking for a ride south--energy exerted on an empty stomach.
We received help in a way we never would have imagined--shock and disbelief.
We arrived late and out of breath--adrenalin being overproduced.

This was not the way to go into the bee and Shane stumbled on his first question eventually leaving him out of the final round.

However, the amazing solution to our problem was reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and it's one we'll never forget.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Shane didn't make it. The article was good - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article link is

Asil said...

Oh, wow, what a story! I just love watching the Lord work!

By the way, the next time you're stuck in Westfield, stop at the Brakebush chicken outlet that's right behind the Pioneer Inn. You can pick up a 10 pound box of chicken patties or strips for $12!

Have a great week!


Keelie said...

Wow! How awesome and crazy all at the same time! There are still people out there who trust others -that's amazing in this day and age! What a neat article!

Marcia Wilwerding said...

This, of course, could only happen to the White family.

Sorry, Shane. Hope you can try again next year.