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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vacation Photos

Here are some favorites from our trip to the east coast (South Carolina up to Washington, DC).

Dana had a lot to do with the planning of the trip since it was her senior year. These pictures show how she spent much of her time.....

Other activities...
A very familiar vacation site, Dad and Gabe hand in hand.

Lisa couldn't quite brave the surf.

Hardier souls enjoyed challenging the waves.

Mendo, Dana, and Light

The flowers at Magnolia Gardens were beautiful.

Seeing actual slave quarters was educational and a little eerie.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get away from Gabe.

We found a park in Charleston, SC for the young ones and the older boys joined in a pickup basketball game. Troy left the park with some surprising information. He said, "One of those guys told me I was 'one good niggah'. So much for "the 'n' word"."

While Keith was one a business call the rest of us spent some time in a mall--enjoyed by the teens, boring for the younger guys. Bryce wanted a quarter to play an arcade game and I wouldn't give him one. I told him to "do what you usually do, look under the machines for a dropped quarter." He came back with almost $4.00! Instead of playing the arcade game he decided to take Gabe on the little mall rides, and spent ALL of his money on him. Bryce didn't regret it for a minute, he had so much fun watching Gabe enjoy himself....or was Bryce the one enjoying the rides!?

This waterfall was our destination on a hike in the Virginia Applachians.

We took a quick tour up the mall in DC, seeing the major monuments and a brief look through one of the Smithsonian museums.


Dana said...

Thanks a lot mom...haha, I love you! Come on now though, we all know that I really wasn't on my cell phone THAT much...

Keelie said...

Love the photos and the stories!