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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I thought my season for sleepless nights was over. I don't do slumber parties or lock-ins. I don't have to cram for finals. I'm not walking the floor with an infant (or infants :). I have reached the time in my life, or so I thought, when I can be guaranteed sleep!

Then came last night. With as many children as I've had you'd think I'd have had my turn with the croup. Nope. Gabe was the first. I spent hours in a steamy bathroom holding my wheezing (actually stridor-ridden) boy while my head nodded.

How did I ever think staying up all night was 'fun'?


Anonymous said...

Cindy, I have done croup. Though it seems crazy, going from the steam to cold often helps. Just wrap him up and step out onto the porch.

Sorry, that is one of the worst parenting things. When they can't breathe easily. Was today better?

Love to you both.

kristi noser said...

it's more fun if you don't HAVE to do it, right?

Emily said...

Hope Gabe is better soon! My little brother had croup when he was just a baby, and I remember it can be a little scary. The doctor told Mom to take him from steam to cold, like the previous comment.

Keelie said...

I was NEVER good at it! I can remember only one time staying up all night. Camp Nicolet '97, Sunday night. As a result I was an emotional wreck the next day and I don't think I was much help cleaning up camp either.
Hope Gabe is better! I'm afraid I won't know what to do when my kids get something like that.

Marcia Wilwerding said...

Interestingly enough, the other end of your life may start a whole new era of sleeplessness. The last time I remember staying up all night was watching my Alzheimer's grandmother in the hospital. She kept me up all night long making sure she didn't rip her I.V. out. I watched the lights go out one by one across the way in the Illinois State University twin towers dormatories. Even the Friday night college kids got more sleep than I did that night. :/