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Friday, February 26, 2010

Table Talk

This was a recent "conversation" at our dinner table:

Gabe: Dad
No response
Gabe: Dad
No response
Gabe: Dad
No response
Gabe: Brycie!
Bryce: What Gabe?
Gabe: I want Dad.


Anonymous said...

OH, I LOVE IT!!!! That made me chuckle I can just hear it all to perfectly=)

Loving Touch Wet Bags said...

Awww what a cute conversation!

I happened to stumble upon your blog and just fell in LOVE! I would love to have a big family! I'm a mother of 3 precious little ones right now! Hoping that if it's God's will, he'll work on my husband heart and we'll have a quiver full too someday!

Asil said...

LOL, Cindy! This is so our house too, only I'm the one poking Bill to tell him one of the kids is trying to get his attention!

Congratulations, too (or two?) Grandma!! :0)


Anonymous said...

Yet again I say, seems developmentally appropriate to me. Knew what he wanted, and knew how to get it!
I have dealt with that myself... when in a large group I say "Mom, Mom, Mom, CAROL!" I'm sure Gabe is much too respectful for that!

Keithslady said...

LTWB--I'm glad you're enjoying a peek into God's working in our lives. I'm thankful for the family God's given us, but it comes with a LOT of work and responsibility. My greatest struggle is perseverence!

No matter how many children God uses to fill your quiver, there are always others to love--friends of your children, neighbors, exchange students, foster children, etc. Always be open to sharing God's love in whatever unique way God calls you to share it!!