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Monday, February 8, 2010

Not my fault

Last week I was chatting with Joey (OK, we were texting) and he was mentioning something about hoping the babies would come by the weekend. I told him to take it easy, they had a lot of time left.

My assurance called for an explanation and I had two for him. I explained that, first of all, I started reading "Anne of Green Gables" to Lisa in December and when we started the book I told her that the twins would be born after we finished the book. Secondly, I was not yet finished with the quilts that I had meant to send over with Dana and the babies couldn't come until they were done.

Joey made it clear that I was to get moving on the sewing and double up on our bedtime reading--pronto!

It brought me back to my own waiting game that I played seventeen years ago as I watched the January 16 due date for our sixth child come and go. That due date was a full week behind me before I resigned myself to a pile of sewing/mending that I knew should be finished before the baby came. I especially needed to finish (OK, start and finish) sewing a Bible cover that my six-year-old had been asking me to make. I finished the mending in the afternoon and after supper I reluctantly began my final project. Keith asked me what I was doing and I told him,
"God isn't going to let me have this baby until the Bible cover is done."
I had to take a few breaks to give baths, brush teeth, and tuck little ones in bed. But, at 10 PM I sewed my last stitch and snipped my last thread. I turned off my machine while uttering a satisfied, "There!, and threw the cloth zippered case to Keith for his inspection.
"I'm done," I told him, "now we can have the baby."
I stood up and headed for the bathroom. Halfway there my water broke. Really. Talk about a sign!

So, for Joey and Jamie's sake, I delighted Lisa with an extra half hour of bedtime reading to finish the book and had a two day sewing marathon to finish the blankets. Here they are, positive proof that I am NOT the hold-up.


Jamie said...

Okay, since you're off the hook, I'd like to know who or what is holding us up. I'd like to have a few words with him/her...

Joey said...

Yes, please rat them out. We are ready!

Mrs. Nichole J. said...


Dana said...

First of all, the blankets are ADORABLE! Nice work Mom! Second...I confess, it's my fault. I told the babies they can't come until Thursday cuz that's the day that I picked. :-/ Sorry Jamie!!!