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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Catch of the Day

Yesterday was ordinary enough. A foursome headed out on the river for an all-day fishing excursion--Keith Sr., Keith Jr., Dana, and David. They split up into two first initial, just to be fair and impartial of course. There was the K canoe and the D canoe. They started off all together floating and casting their way through the winding wilderness of the Wisconsin River wetlands.

The D canoe was in the lead, but was eventually overtaken by the K canoe. Although all four are fiercely competetive (and somewhat in denial of that observation) there was no attempt by the Ds to regain the lead. A private float was more tempting than an empty victory with no finish line or trophy at the end.

But, at the end of this trip there WAS a trophy. And, even though the D canoe brought up the rear they had the trophy. It was situated on the fourth finger of the left hand of a very happy Dana.

At home we were greeted with news of the engagement as Dana flashed her ring, eclipsed only by her smile in brightness.

Shane walked in hoping to hear a fishing story and listened as Dana described a scene on the river with her hand placed very purposely on his knee. He didn't notice.

She picked her hand up and gave him the full-blown, obvious ring finger view.

He looked at her hand and asked, "You caught five?"

Our laughter tipped him off, he took notice of the jewelry, and joined the smilers.

I thought it was a little crazy 19 years ago when I had 5 children in 6 years. I didn't dream that we'd have 5 weddings in less than 4 years. Delightful busyness!

The motto that they both lived by during David's tour of duty in Afghanistan

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