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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Charity Events of Minnesota

My sister, Kari, runs this non-profit organization which recently produced the Hartford Breast Cancer Ride presented by ReMax Results. I had the privilege of attending this event two weeks ago and seeing my amazing sister in action. In only its third year (and not all of the money is in yet) they raised close to $250,000.

Our mom, Jean Johnson, was treated for breast cancer in 1983 and her mother (our grandmother) died of brain cancer (metastasized from unknown source but was very likely breast cancer) in 1942 when our mom was only 3. My dear friend Paula succumbed to ravages of breast cancer in 2002 at the age of 40, leaving a husband and four dependent children.

We are accutely aware of the affect this disease has on a woman and her family.

I can't tell you how very proud I am of my sister, not only for all that she is doing, but for who she is! I love you Kare Bear! (We had no idea how appropriate this nickname was 30+ years ago.)

A few scenes from the ride:

Riders cheering in teammates, husband and wife duo JR and Jen.

Jen, a good friend of Kari's, helped inspire Kari to produce this ride after her diagnosis 4 years ago.

Despite being treated for stage 4 cancer, Jen rode 35 miles and gave all she had in an effort to raise money to beat this disease.

Gabe getting in on the action.

Gabe and Kari getting a photo op with Mr. John Knievel, a cousin of motorcycle stuntman Evel Knievel.

Keep up the good work, Kari!

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