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Monday, August 2, 2010

Special Please

*Note: The following story is true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty as well as the innocent.

My teenage son, Wes, was playing in an out-of-town baseball tournament. Coach Jim took the kids out to eat after one of the games and I gave Wes an ample $20 bill and sent him on his way.

The restaurant was a little nicer than what Wes is used to going to with our mega-family and he made a mental note of the "cheaper" meals (in the $10-$15 range) on the menu. When the waitress came to take the order she announced the special of the day. Wes and another teammate had the same thought--
SPECIAL=best bang for your buck, good deal, think "blue light special".

Wes was a bit disappointed with the special and decided he probably would have preferred the quesadilla plate to the LOBSTER TAIL AND COCONUT SHRIMP SPECIAL!!

Coach Jim, who was seated at another table, didn't realize what had happened until he saw the bill. When the boys asked how much they owed he graciously and vaguely answered them, "Just give me $20."

Wes figured the $1.50 glass of chocolate milk he ordered must not have come with free refills and the "big" $20 bill was due to the beverage times three.

Only later did someone from the head table let him know that his actual bill included $46 for the special, plus $1.50 times three for the beverage, plus the tip.

We had one very shocked and slightly mortified son! We worked it all out, but in our house the word "special" has certainly taken on a whole new meaning!


Becca said...

Ohmygoodness, this is too funny! And completely understandable. Great for him to be concientious about it, just unfortunate that what was meant was different than what was perceived. :-(
Thanks for visiting my blog! My daughter turned 4 in May - how old is Gabe?

Keithslady said...

Becca, Gabe was 4 in March. Yes, we still chuckle about this story. Poor guy!