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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Out on a limb

High school, some of the most peer-pressure-filled years of your life. Many of us survived those years rather than lived them. Fitting in, figuring it out, and getting through are common goals. Troy's high school talent show performance, singing Chris August's "Starry Night", last weekend didn't exactly fit those goals.

Two years ago Dana laboringly convinced her sophomore brother, Troy, to get on stage with her and do the Ryan and Sharpay High School Musical song and dance routine to "What I've Been Looking For". He must have REALLY looked up to his senior sister to agree to the possible humiliation in his inaugural weeks at the high school. It was quite a limb to step out on--microphone in hand, singing in front of the entire student body, and dancing. They placed second.

Last year Troy took the microphone again and sang a solo, "By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue North. It's a song about God's love for his children but you have to listen to the words to apply the meaning and know Who it's talking about. He placed first.

This year, Troy went out on a higher limb. His desire was to share his faith in a bolder way, and he did. He didn't show a hint of disappointment at not placing. Rather, he radiated with joy.

Finding a public niche to express faith is not an easy thing, but especially not for a teen who is still working out personal relationships and communication skills and One of the greatest joys of parenthood is to see your child work out their relationship with Christ in a tangible way, overcoming sin and self and,by faith, going out on the limbs that God challenges them with and sets before them. It is also a joy to see the time come when my job as the mom is to just step aside in wonder and watch Him work.


Joey said...

I love it! I got teary-eyed listening to it, not because of the song itself, but because of the resolve it shows in Troy to get up there and sing it. It's not in your face or obnoxious. It's a simple statement of his life's purpose. I'm glad you got the video!

Chet said...

Great job! That is bold, but beautiful. I am impressed, and thankful that God was praised and lifted up! Nice job...he has a nice voice too by the way. Nice job Troy.

Anonymous said...

I know I was there but hearing it again gave me chills. I am SO proud of him and so thankful to continually see God working in him. What a great example for me to have a little brother like that!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I loved it. Thanks for doing that Troy...wish I could have been there in person.

Love you,