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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Plain Communication

At least I don't have to wonder what my children think of their daily jobs.


kristi noser said...

At least they can spell. That made me laugh. Hilarious.

Keelie said...

LOL And I'm still laughing! Your kids crack me up! They have great imaginations and creativity!

Anonymous said...

It's about time I get some recognition around here! I go through so much hard work to make other people laugh and what do I get in return? A blog post that doesn't even have my name on it! And Thank you "Kristi Noser" whoever you are and thank you Keelie for being a wonderful cousin who appreciates my hard work:) and keep reading the blog for more upcoming "Job Chart Posts" Sincerely Bryce White

Keelie said...

Aww, so you're the culprit!:)

Bryce said...

Yes Im the culprit and Im proud of it :) see you at thanksgiving