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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Summer Connections 2

30th High School Reunion--I met with this group of women (all of whom I was friends with by the age of 12) for a pre-reunion reunion. We had a great afternoon and evening. Can you believe that two of us (Leanne and I) wore almost identical outfits! We've only even seen one another once since graduation (a chance encounter at the airport) and live almost 300 miles apart.

Thanks Paula, Denise, Leanne, Annette, Kim, and Cathy for the opportunity to relive some wonderful memories and reconnect with such a likeable group of people!

It always takes a photograph for me to remember how insanely huge I am compared to the normal population.


Anonymous said...

You are tall, Shrek is HUGE.

Julie said...

You are so beautiful!

Keithslady said...

Thanks Lynn, for clarifying for me that I am not "Shrek-huge". However, I more than just "tall". Some of my English friends never liked me using the word "tall" because they said that made them "short". They preferred to be "little", which made me "big". I am just tall in all proportions, not just longer put proportionally bigger too. Even if we all lined up with our chins propped on a counter top my head would be "tallest"!

Julie--you are gracious and sweet. It's been TOO long!