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Monday, March 7, 2011

Basketball--four more

Troy was not our only basketball player this winter. Everyone played but Gabe and he put in his time on the nerf basketball set at home as well as in the stands cheering on his siblings. His favorite chant was "Air Ball, Air Ball!" and he knew when to use it, even at home.

This basketball season was a step up for Shane who went from being an under-6-foot-2-inch JV player to being an over-6-foot-4-inch Varsity player. Foot/ankle injuries early and late in the season led to him missing about six games. It was certainly a frustration, but he's not the first player to be sidelined with injuries and being part of a team certainly doesn't always mean playing center stage.

Shane's first varsity year was met with a new coach and the boys, as much as they liked their previous coach, enjoyed playing under Coach Lemmens.

White Brother Sandwich.

Bryce and Owen played together on the homeschool co-ed junior high team. It looks like Bryce inherited the 'kangaroo gene'.

Owen really should have been on the 3-5th grade team with Lisa, but he was just too big for that group and would have dominated them...and probably hurt someone. Owen, a fifth grader, was with his older brothers this week and their coach (a fifth grade teacher) asked Owen, "What grade are you in, 8th?"

I enjoyed watching this brother-pair play together this year. Their age gaps prevents them from being teammates very often, but they have always been good buddies and love to be together--an all too rare testimony of brothers.

This was Lisa's first year playing basketball and she was nervous! She has not been glued to the game since her diaper days like some others in our house, but she was very enthusiastic and wanted to learn.

Here is her classic traffic-sign-stance from her first game.

Hair in place--check.

Thanks for the entertainment guys!

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