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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sneak Peek

A few days ago I ran across a new blog that was recently started by my good friend, and author, Mary Silverberg.

I started by reading her blog post dated Saturday, March 26. There was no introduction to the untitled post, it just began with a quote. (I just discovered that there is a title, but it's in the same color as the background so can't be seen--I'll have to tell Mary.)

About half way through the quote I thought, "I think I've read this before". I read another line and it dawned on me that I'd not only read it but I had written it! It wasn't until I was almost to the last line that I even remembered how the quote ended. (Note: I read it on my phone so was not about to see the entire page with my name at the bottom.)

How fun to read my own writing from unbiased eyes, and be so surprised by it.

The quote was taken from the section that I wrote for a book that Mary has put together about raising children with special needs. I am one of ten women who contributed to the book.

You can read it here if you like. (I'll post more information when the book is published.)

1 comment:

suelmayer said...

Thanks for the recent comments on my blog. I love the quote and your blog too!