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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Official Time Out

All things being basketball right now, that is the best way to put it--Official Time Out. That's when the official in basketball calls a time out for his own purposes. It is not charged to either team, but play stops for reasons that need only be justified by the official.

I need one of those. I need to stop and have a time out. I have a number of things I want to blog, pictures to post, projects to start/work on/complete, etc, etc, etc. In the past three weeks I've overseen the celebration of 3 birthdays here, had 2 parties with 20 or more people at each, loved on my grandson for 10 days, planned for and taught a literature class, met with the Community Education Director to help with upcoming plans and discuss how they effect homeschoolers, begun preparation for three seminars to be led at the upcoming homeschool convention, cared for three boys who had the flu (at the same time), and kept up with the everyday lives of our crew. Keith and my 27th anniversary was yesterday--we had a day so full of our regular responsibilities that the best we could do was to get in a game of Trivial Pursuit between 10 and 11 PM (I won--not that I needed to add that, but I did--pink and brown get him every time).

I would like all teams involved to sit on the bench, get a drink, and let me just do my own thing. Can I please have the full time out? That would give me a whole minute!

Thank you.

PS I am not forgetting that just 2 months ago I had a whole week off. I am not complaining or whining. Really. I just want a minute.

1 comment:

April said...

I hope you get your minute. It sounds like you really need it. You are one busy lady.