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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gabe's "New Math"

Gabe loves to play guessing games when we ride in the car. He typically calls out, "Mama, animal!" and I have to guess what animal he's thinking of.

Tonight he called to me, "Mama, number!" I guessed a few and got it right when I said, "Two".

I heard Gabe say, "I have one and then one more."

I thought I'd take advantage of his interest in "one more" and try some addition with him so I asked him, "What is one more that two?"

He didn't answer so I followed up with, "If you hold up two finger and then hold up one more what do you have?"

He joyfully called out, "--W--!"

(OK, just in case you don't get it, hold up three fingers and you'll see that it looks like the letter W.)


Kara Jo said...

What a smart boy you've got there!

Anonymous said...

Love it! and I got it before the disclaimer!