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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It Works! & Medical Mistake

If you check in here with any regularity you'll know that I've posted very little in the past few months. Blogger's new format had a lot (OK, everything) to do with that. I was not able to post from my home computer and when I did access it from another computer I wasn't able to insert paragraphs or other basic features that just made it a very frustrating experience. I was considering moving to a new host when I discovered I could press on button and get my old blog format back. And this one works.

If you're even looking at this post then it means you didn't completely give up on me, so here's a thought to leave you with:

I went in for routine blood work yesterday and the technician (phlebotomist?) greeted me with, "Hello, I'm a new hire here." That was my first tip that something was out of the ordinary. I've never had anyone in the medical field admit to being new.

She then asked me, "Is it all right if I look at your arm and draw some blood?" Second tip that things were not as usual. It would seem obvious that it's "all right" with me to draw blood...since that's why I'm here in the first place.

Thirdly, she kept showing all of her work to another gowned woman for her to OK. Third tip that she was definitely a newbie.

But the final proof that made me questing my own sanity at remaining in the chair was the nametag--"Cathy P, Inventory Clerk".

Memo to the hospital--have the new nametags ready when employees switch jobs!

Final note--she did a fantastic job, perhaps because she was so meticulous. I didn't bruise at all and barely have a mark today. Still, fix the nametag!

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