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Monday, July 23, 2012

Untimely Injury/Illness

Two weeks ago today Bryce was playing in his Babe Ruth League championship game and in his first at bat in the top of the first inning he suffered a season ending injury to his hip. It was a bit of deja vu as he repeated the same injury that Chet sustained doing the same thing (swinging a bat) at the same age (just after his 15th birthday). Not only did he not get to play and pitch in the championship game but he was out for the Babe Ruth 15-year-old State Tournament that took place the following weekend. It was disappointing, especially since this was his last year of "All Star Tournaments", but he had a great attitude and went on with the wonderful disposition that he's so known for exhibiting.

As I already posted, Owen's All-Star team also made it to the state level. The week before the tournament (that began last Saturday) Owen came down with what appeared to be the flu. He was down and out for 2.5 days and missed 2 days of practice. He had a good day of rest and then on Saturday was the winning pitcher in the their first game.

On Sunday in church, Owen was chilled while everyone else was hot. He felt feverish and tired. By evening he said he felt fine again and today was suited up and ready to play. The temperature was 90 at the 11:00 am game time and, to my relief, Owen started the game on the bench. When he came in during the 4th inning it was obvious that he was not feeling up to par. He played 2nd base and made a play, hit the ball when he was up to bat, and made it on and off the field, but he was not well.

We left the game after a 7-6 loss and headed for the urgent care center. The x-ray confirmed what all the symptoms were pointing to--Owen has pneumonia. He's obeying doctor's orders and is in the hotel resting while the team is cheering at a homerun derby, he's getting lots of fluids, and taking his antibiotics. There's a chance he can get back in the game if he rebounds back quickly enough. But it's not certain.

So, what looked like a repeat of 2001 when Keith and Chet were 15 and 12 and both went to state tournaments has had a very different outcome for Bryce and Owen. Owen was pretty frustrated and disappointed after today's game, but is accepting that there's nothing he can do but rest and pray and so that is exactly what he's doing and leaving the rest in God's hands.

I would not have wished illness or injury on either of my boys, but it has been amazing to see the positive attitudes and dispositions they have both had through their trials.

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Anonymous said...

I wish good health to Owen and Bryce. Some of these injuries and illnesses are nothing to mess around with. Without your health you have nothing! I know it's heartbreaking for them but they sound like super young men!
Good luck and Good health!