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Monday, March 10, 2008


Child #7, only the 3rd in braces. Thankfully, I have the weaker genes for teeth! Shane, you look great!


Joey said...

I was just reading a story in Forbes where to illustrate how nice a big-wig executive was, they mentioned that he got braces so his daughter wouldn't feel bad about having them. Of course, he had money to burn on it, but still, I thought it was cute :).

What do you say Mom, braces round two? :)

Keithslady said...

Once was enough, and I DON'T think it was cute. It wouldn't be nice to say what I DO think. Definitely a different parenting style!

Joey said...

Okay, maybe sweet is better than cute.

Or crazy. Maybe that's where you were headed...

<---That Girl said...

poor kid...ouch. Looks like he's smiling so it must not be too bad?? I remember those days having them tightened. It hurts teeth & wallets.

Aunt Kari said...

Looks great Shane!! You wear 'em well!