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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Creative Cooking

The ACF (American Culinary Federation) sponsored a trade show and chef competition in Milwaukee yesterday. Ellen and three of her culinary classmates entered the entree competition and ended up taking all top three cash award places. Ellen scored 49 out of 50 to take gold and first place with this creative dish. The judges interacted with the contestants during the judging and gave them advice. Ellen was told, "Don't change a thing," "I love your plate," and "I think yours is the best one here." When she pressed one judge with, "Isn't there anything you would suggest?" he told her, "Turn you plate clockwise 45 degrees so the meat is at 6 o'clock [as pictured]." Minus one point for the 3 o'clock meat!

Way to go Chef Ellen!


Aunt Kari said...

That is great - way to go Ellen! By the way - we're having a competition too. It takes place in our Rosemount Kitchen (and yes, we like our meat at 6 o'clock too!) :) Aunt Kari

Kara Jo said...

Oh I'm so impressed--way to go Ellen! What a great interest to pursue.

Anonymous said...

Hey...this is Ellen and I don't have an account, hence the anonymity. Just figured I'd clarify this was the WRA (Wisconsin Restaurant Association) show and not the ACF...also I just want to say one of my classmates did extremely well and only scored one point below me. Overally Nicolet took the three top spots which was the greatest!

kristi noser said...

That is really impressive. Good job Ellen!

MaryLu said...

Whoo Hoo! Turn the plate, seriously! Very nice dish!