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Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Me" Time

Just about a week after posting about trusting God to provide "me" time and being given a husband who makes sure we get some time to ourselves I am getting just that even as I write. It was only ten ten days ago that Keith informed me that I was joining him on a business trip to California (I had 4 days to prepare). Last Saturday we flew into San Francisco where we spent an afternoon with my brother Tom (it's been 5 years!), my sister Kathy (it's only been 7 months), and our nieces Sarah, Megan, and Rebecca and nephew Nathan (3 years since we've seen them). We then spent 4 days making our way down California's stunning coast to Keith's business stops in LA. We are spending our last night just a block from the ocean in Sunset Beach--where we watched the sunset tonight to the tune of crashing waves. God is good!

And so are the people who are working overtime at home to make this happen. When I get home I'll tell you about them and the unthinkable thing I actually had the gall to ask of some of them.

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Lynn from MI said...

Sounds like just the trip you needed, at just the right time. God does work in mysterious ways, and in His own time. As for us, we are going tent camping for Memorial Day. Can't wait to hear about the hoops you had to go through to get to CA. Makes me feel like my life is calm!