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Friday, May 9, 2008


Lisa is having a hard time remembering the name of her "boyfriend for a day", the ring bearer counterpart to her flower girl role in the wedding. It seems easy enough to me. His name is Robert, a rather common name for my generation, like Steve or Tom or Mike. But this is the generation of Bradens and Parkers and Aidans.

As we headed for the reception Saturday, Lisa asked, "Where's Gilbert?" No Lisa, it's "Robert". "Oh yeah, Robert." Then as we were leaving she said, "Hey, there's Rupert's mom!" No Lisa, it's "Robert". Then yesterday, "Mama, I know it's not Gilbert, what's his name?" "Robert", Lisa, it's "Robert".

I'm imagining the conversation at his house. "Mom, is her name Marissa?" No Robert, it's "Lisa".

Those old 60s names are new and unusual to the crayon crowd.

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Kara Jo said...

Good chuckle. :)