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Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Wedding Photos

We still haven't figured out how to download Dana's slideshow, but the photographer gave us the photo DVD so I've put a few up here. I had one more of Keith and Nicole but something froze on me so I'm going to post before I lose it all!

Gabe got caught up in the music and all of the attention and decided it was his cue to dance.

Plans foiled by dad! Rats.

These two did it right

Father and brother give the bride away.
(Keith better take care of her, looks like he has Matt to answer to.)

The ceremony with Papa officiating

After five years.....

The bridal party

Keith doing his Robert impression. It looks better on Robert!

The Bridal Party outside--notice the effects of the buds just coming out on the trees, and how great the lighting looks on a cloudy day!

The girls were getting pretty cold--it was only about 50 degrees
so they took the coats and did some role reversal.

Keith, Chet, and Matt really got into this pose

Here's what happens when you pick four athletes for bridesmaids

A show of support from the MTU Husky Football Team

Keith's "Georgia mom", Julie, and "Georgia cake decorating friend", Rebecca, came up for the wedding. Rebecca baked and decorated Thursday and Friday while Julie became my invaluable child assistant. We couldn't imagine this day without them!!

Bride and Groom's First Dance

A Daddy's last dance with his little girl

Groom and mother dance--before the tears

The updated Keith White, Sr. Family


aunt kari said...

Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing them!

Keelie said...

LOVE the pictures! Thank you! Aunt Cindy, you look beautiful!:)

Marcia Wilwerding said...

Aaaawwww. Let the baby dance! :(

I just love your family.

Marcia Wilwerding

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting - the girls and I had so much fun viewing. So beautiful!

Would you mind emailing me their current address? keenkat @ (remove the spaces)

Katie (your SC sis in law ;) )

Carla said...

Dance Gabe Dance! :)
Ok. I am all choked up. You must be one proud Momma!