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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dana's Senior Pictures

Even Owen exclaimed the other day, "Wow, Dana's a senior already?"

She just got her senior pictures back and now has to pick favorites! What's yours?










Keelie said...

What a beautiful young woman! I love them all! Let's see...1,2,3,5,...and 6...can I pick that many?:) I like the her smile the best. I've never been a serious picture kind of person...but those are pretty too! I'm not good at decisions like that! Hopefully she can pick a few!
I love the black and white with the pink flower - how cool!

Keithslady said...

I'm with you, Keelie, I like the smile! My favorites are 1, 5, and 6 and I think I'm going with 5 for the 8 X 10 to put on our picture shelf. I like the contrast lighting.

Kara Jo said...

Dana is beautiful. Awesome pictures!

Anonymous said...

Dana is a beautiful girl I love 1,2,3,5 guess I'm a tradtional person in the portrait department. Who took them? Are they near your house? As you can tell the laptop is not quite up, though closer. Summer is going too fast!

Aunt Kari said...

3 (good to really see her face, like to give to friends/yearbook style), 4 (amAzing as Dana would say...very hip pic) and 8 (for obvious reasons). She's ridiculously beautiful. Love you guys! Aunt Kari

Keithslady said...

Yes, they're all taken at our house. A local man who does part time photography took them. He also did Keith and Nicole's wedding pictures. He has a son and daughter Keith's and Dana's ages and coached Dana's softball team when she was younger. It was really nice to have such a personal touch!

Coley said...

If I had to pick only one favorite I would go with #2...but I really liked them all.

Anonymous said...

I have warned my ds that if he does not start allowing me to take his photo, I'll take him to a professional for his senior pictures. (That's a big threat. LOL!)

I like #3 :)

Keith said...

#8, hands down, nice bat.