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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Real biking

Thanks to my sister Kari (for the bike--a bike that really deserves a much more accomplished rider than myself), and

thanks to e-bay (for the two-seater Burley bike trailer), and

thanks to the YMCA (for 6 months of spinning--stationary bike--classes)

I actually took Lisa and Gabe for a bike ride this evening!

I was so very prepared. I was in shape. I was riding the world's lightest most effortless bike. I had a trailer that glides like a skate on ice. So why was it so much work?! Lisa's comments along the way really summed it all up.

"Mama, we'd go faster if you would pedal." (She didn't understand how badly I NEEDED to coast.)

"Mama, when I look at your shadow it looks like you're going backwards."

As I down shift--"Oh no, we're going up a hill again, aren't we?"

When I finally had to get off the bike and walk it up the last 30 yards of a hill--"Why are you walking?" Me--Because I'm too tired. Lisa--"What happens if you get too tired of walking?"

The only thing more demoralizing than Lisa's insightful comments was the spedometer-with-an-attitude. It pretty much told me that if I was biking in the Olympics against world class runners I would not even be in contention for a medal. I checked it while moving up the last grueling hill and it read "0.0 mph".


Keelie said...

Hmmm, that means I should probably rethink my plans to find a bike and a carrier to pull Caedmon in, huh?!:) I am definitely NOT in shape! But it SOUNDS like so much fun!
Loved the story! Do all kids say things as hilarious as yours?!:)

Birdie said...

(hey, it's me, That Girl- you may have forgotten my due to my blogging hiatus but I'm back)
yeah, that would be me. I never had the lung capacity for biking. I woudllnt even attempt a hill. At least you tried. You should get a gold star sticker for effort!

Aunt Kari said...

I am so glad to hear you are putting the bike to good use. Just think, by the time the Breast Cancer Ride rolls around next year (aug 1-2) you'll be all set to ride! And riding withouth kids on the back will make you super fast! Stay safe and wear a helmet! :) I love you! Kari

Keithslady said...

Keelie, don't let me discourage you! Just remember, my 46 year old body is way under used. Start now and you'll have no problem by the time you have eleven...!

And Kari, I always wear my helmet! (New dates for the ride?)

Keith said...

That post was awesome. I loved Lisa's comments. I can completely picture it, and it gave me lots of laughs. Thanks.