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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Landscaping with Lisa

Ever garden with a six-year-old? Here's how it goes.

Me: Put on gardening gloves
Lisa: "Are you putting gloves on?"
Me: Begin to dig a hole for a shrub.
Lisa: "Why are you digging?"
Me: Halfway through digging the hole.
Lisa: "I think that's enough."
Me: Open the bag of compost to mix with the soil.
Lisa: "Why are you doing that?"
Lisa: Sees my unused trowel, "Why do you have a little shovel?"
Time: 3 minutes into my 2 hour project.
Question: What to do about Miss Nonstop Questions?
Solution: Put her to work.

Result: My little gardener stuck with me, for the entire two hours! She dug holes, composted, and planted 12 annuals. Then she watered all of our new plants. We had a great time together and there wasn't one more meaningless question.

1 comment:

Kristy said...

I think that is great! It is a wonderful thing for kids to learn gardening and they all love to watch things grow as they take care of them! We haven't gardened in quite a long time (we have such a drought in Texas every year, that it is hard to make things grow without constant care) But the best thing you could ever do with your child is to teach them to grow things! And ANYONE can plant a garden!

Thanks for sharing!