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Thursday, November 20, 2008

21...Promise Kept

Ellen turned 21 this week. After the day was done, the presents opened, candles blown out, and the cake eaten she said to me, "The deal's off, you've kept your promise."

Actually, it was a two way promise. About ten years ago we had three or four friends and acquaintances (girls) who were all married in their late teens. Ellen (nicknamed "Steel" by her father because of her steely determination, grit, and sometimes immoveable decidedness--somewhat surprising characteristics in an otherwise sweet spirited, submissive natured girl) had very strong oppositional opinions about the early marriages! She made me promise that I would not let her get married before she was 21. I told her that she couldn't know that at her age. She insisted that she could and made me promise I would hold her to it. I told her that if we went through with the promise that I really would have to hold her to it and she insisted it was what she wanted.

I made the promise. I don't know if I would have kept it at all costs, but she never tested it. She remained determined (Steel) that she wanted to have a measure of adult experience and wisdom before marrying.

So, the deal's off, the promise was kept. She leaves for five months of service with missionaries in Guyana on the 15th of December, an experience I'm sure God will use to encourage, bless, and mature her into a more godly woman, prepared for a life united with the man of His choosing.

Happy Birthday Ellen!!

1 comment:

Miekie said...

Happy Birthday from me too! I admire her for her determination. When I was a young mother, most of my friends were, like me 25+. One of our friends, however, was only 19 and always hankering after some job, some journey, some... I always got the idea that she felt robbed of her youth.
God bless Ellen with the missionary work! He is preparing her for His purpose and for the man He has chosen.