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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Football Careers: beginning and ending

A friend from the UP sent me a news article highlighting the final home game of the Huskies season, and of Keith's career. You can click on the link for the full story. Or just read on for the abbreviated version.

The White family certainly had much to cheer about in Saturday's Michigan Tech football game, as both senior receiver Keith and redshirt freshman linebacker Chet hit milestones. With 91 yards, Keith set the all-time career receiving yards record at Michigan Tech, while Chet picked off his first career pass with less than a minute left to seal the Huskies victory.

Although Chet was happy to get his first interception, he was even happier to get his brother a win on Keith's final home game.

"I felt like I let (Keith) down a lot of the day because I missed a couple tackles myself," Chet said. "Before that last series I said I've got to do something to help these guys go off victorious; I'm just glad I could help out."

Keith also downplayed his personal achievement - his 2,288 yards surpasses Brian Janeshek for first on the career list - as he has always been more about victories than records.

"It's an honor anytime you get a record, it means you did something right in your career," Keith said. "Obviously it's the win that's a lot more important to me."

The last game of the season will be played this Saturday at Northwood in Midland, MI at 12 noon. We'll be watching on the internet!

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