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Monday, November 17, 2008

Give Thanks

I haven't posted for some time. I have posts in my head, but not important enough to stop me from my day. But three stories about Thanksgiving were enough to sit me down on this Monday morning.

Next week's holiday is one of my favorites, if not my most favorite. I love the autumn, I love the browns, tans, and oranges used in decorating, and I love the focus on family gathering. Lord willing we will have our eleven children, two daughters-in-law, two foreign exchange sons, two parents, a sister and brother-in-law, a brother and sister-in-law, twelve nieces and nephews, and a handful of church family and friends join us. At last count we were at 39.

Certainly, we should be thankful all the time. But, historically, God set aside special remembrance days for his people to focus on Him and His deliverance. God understands how important it is for us to compartmentalize and separate ideas and disciplines so that our focus becomes sharper. So, I'm thankful that we have this season to encourage us to give thanks, to God and all of those around us who make our lives richer.

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