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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coming Home

Julie and Rebecca from Georgia, this is written with you in mind, because I know you share Keith with me.

Two weeks ago Michigan Tech played their final football game of the season. It was Keith's last game of his career. The team ended with a win and Keith finished in good standing and left his own mark on the program. But the best news of that day for me came while talking to Keith following the game. It was then that he let me know he had decided not to pursue several job possibilities and would be accepting the position in Rhinelander with AirPro and work with his Dad.

I prepared myself long ago for the reality of my children leaving home and very probably not returning to live nearby. I took to heart the sentiments of Charlotte (of EB White's children's classic "Charlotte's Web") as she tried to helped Wilbur accept the changes in life as loved ones move on. I was happy for Joey as he found work and a home in the city with his wife. But, I didn't realize how much it would mean to me to have a child really come home. Certainly, I was happy when I got that news from Keith, but after I passed the phone to Keith, Sr. and went to put Gabe down for his nap I started to cry. As I held my youngest and rocked him before laying him down I felt the flood of emotion that I didn't even realize I had been holding back.

Julie, you have felt the tugs at your heart and lived through the many changes to which a mother must adapt and accept and embrace and endure so you know how unexplainable is the feeling. Rebecca, I want to encourage you as you have years ahead of heart--swelling--trampling--aching--rejoicing. I hope our travels help you prepare for some of what you will go through on your own path.

May God bless all you mothers.


Julie said...

I do understand your feelings. You are very blessed to have Keith & Nicole coming back to Rhinelander.

Aunt Kari said...

And may he bless the stepmothers too! :) I loved your post! Excited for Keith and you and the family!

Kara Jo said...

Thanks for sharing your heart. I can feel the emotion--I am almost in tears myself.

Kristy said...

I have been there myself. I know it is difficult to let our children go, but I think it helps to remember that the reason we have children is to raise them to be responsible adults.

Just wanted you to know that if your ears are buzzing today it is because I featured you and Gabe and your "ah-ha" moment on Mosaic Moments today.
You can visit and please let everyone know about it so they can come over and visit too!
Thanks for sharing!