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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Life

I took this video (not the greatest quality, it's just my camera) last Sunday evening when we unexpectedly had all of our family here except for Joey, Jamie, and the twins. Chet wanted play a new song he wrote so I filmed it. I love seeing the random activity that is going on all around which is so typical of our home.

People are carrying on a conversation in the background (we all speak and listen in layers!), Keith has younger siblings lounging on top of him while looking through his own baby book as Nicole rocks their infant son nearby, girls are talking at the table (they thought I was going to take a photo and all froze and smiled), Chet forgets the words of his song and just carries on, Bryce is giving back rubs, Shane is on the computer studying for a test, some of the guys are in another room talking, Dana is outside on the phone with David, Gabe is bouncing from one place to another, and I'm just reveling in seeing the mesh of lives scattered throughout the house and hearing the beautiful sounds.

Joey and Jamie--I thought you might enjoy getting in on the confusion.
Light and Mendo--I thought you might enjoy a reminder of the crazy place you called home for a year!
I like the ending, "Our Jesus is Everything".


Mrs. Nichole J. said...

Love it!
The noise was something I missed when I first got married! Our house was the same... :-) And when we all get togethere its still like that!
And I like how you say "(we all speak and listen in layers!)" SO TRUE for a big family! When we would have people over they would go crazy with how we all carried on so many convos and interacted like that.... ah the fun!
Love it

Jamie said...

Thanks mom! It's fun to see you all even if it is only on video. My first thought when I saw the video was "Vince is huge!" :)

April said...

Loved it!! A picture of a family full of love.

Kari....His 4ever said...

Oh Cindy, this is so sweet! I loved seeing your family hanging out just being themselves. Couldn't hear the lyrics very well, but the song sounds cool; i'd like to have the words. Thanks for sharing that with us!