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DOWN-SYN-DROME: susie and gabe

GRAND-CHILD-REN: since 2010

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Chet unexpectedly stopped by the house this week. Gabe saw him and went running towards him. Chet (always a favorite of Gabe's) called, "Hey Buddy", and held out his arms. Gabe flew right on past him yelling, "Scilla!!"

Gabe ran to the entryway and then looked out the window to see if she was on her way into the house, but finally determined that Priscilla was not here. Only then did he reluctantly return and "settle" for a hug from his brother.

Chet didn't really feel too bad. In fact, if their positions had been switched he knew he would have done exactly the same thing.


Anonymous said...

As if " 'Cilla" didn't know it already she is certainly 100% part of the family in EVERYBODY's eyes.

Jamie said...

Great story!