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Friday, May 21, 2010

Kids Crack Me Up

One of my favorite "family bonding exercises" is to have the children go around the room and say something they all like about each other. Thinking critically comes naturally and I like to encourage them to think positively about one another. It's also good for a child who thinks everyone is against them to get some positive feedback.

Some of the observations are pretty humorous. Such as:

"I like him because he's like a clone of myself so I always have someone to play with."

"I don't know why you're having so much trouble thinking of something you like about me, I thought of one right away!" (Umm, finding things you like about yourself wasn't the point of this particular excercise.)

"I like him because if I have something, like candy, that he wants and he takes it and I ask him to give it back he always throws it at me... instead of running away with it."

"I like Gabe because he doesn't know how to swear."

"I like Mom because she cooks our food all the time and never stops."

It's not only a good excercise for the children, it helps me keep my humor cup full.

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