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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Northern Exposure

People think we live in igloos up here above the 45th parallel (if you are a high school graduate and you don't know what the 45th parallel is I have two things to say: 1, you should; and 2, you should question the validity of that diploma--just my opinion).

I was saying...and especially for the benefit of our new pastor and his family who think they're entering the ice age (they got rid of all their sprinklers, not sure if they thought grass didn't grow in the permafrost or thought no one ever removed their long underwear for a run through the sprinkler)...that we do NOT live in igloos.

Gardens are being planted, the daffodils are a memory, trees are leafed out, and the thermometers are stretching to 90 degrees. We headed to the lake for the afternoon yesterday.

I love watching the children go on without me, seeing them care for one another. Gabe is loved.

The older three took off running into the lake right away. That first run is the best part of the swim. They kept running back, lining up, and racing back into the water, reliving the exhilaration of the plunge.

Gabe gave it try, too. And ran right back onto high ground.

It didn't take him long to decide the deep water wasn't for him. He'd go under, struggle back up, tip over, struggle up, and finally be rescued by a brother (no, he was never in danger--I'm an ex-lifeguard and he was fine). In fact, he surprised us all when he came up sputtering, caught his breath, and hollered, "I fine!"

Owen carried him out and tried to get him to "swim" a little with him. Nothing doing!

The older three dug out a "pond" for him which was more mud than water but kept him delighted.

The cloud cover was wonderful, keeping the 90 degree temps feeling like 90 and not 100. It also kept us from getting burned. A "cold front" (more like an "add-a-breeze-dip-in-the-temperature front") brought it down to 80 and the activity moved up to the sand.

We had a delightful, very summer-like day. It was even worth forgetting about a dentist appointment and rushing into the office--late, wrapped in towels, and covered in sand--making all of the neat and tidy professionals feel jealous!

So don't sell your swim towels just yet, Sigafoos family, you may find there'll be a day or two where a lawn chair and a glass of lemonade by the lake will be very welcome!

(Note: You're moving north, they drink lemonade up here, not sweet tea--but we can brew a pot for you if you want)


Anonymous said...

I love this! Those 4 youngest are so sweet!!!

Joey said...

Me too. They're much sweeter than the 4 oldest! (And I don't know what happened to the middle 3...)

On a serious note though, I was thinking as I looked through these of how different life is for the 8th of 11 than it is for the 1st. Not better or worse in general, just very different.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Joey, us middle 3 tend to just blend in and kind of get "forgotten". And I don't mean neglected...we're just the middle men and it's kind of nice. :) We kind of make our own little posse...while still getting along with both the older and younger 4. :)

4 4ever said...
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