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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NOW what would you say?

It looks like you were all in agreement about giving the teens a "taste of their own medicine" after leaving dishes on the counter for a week. (See last post.)

However, here's part 2.

Let's say those same boys who were home all week and didn't clean up the bowl and pan from the corn bread were (between the two of them) busy doing this:

--Working (job) four days
--Attending daily baseball practice and a game
--Cleaning out the entire garage/barn
--Moving the fishing boat from storage to its outdoor parking spot
--Removing the old basketball backboard and hoop and installing a new one
--Taking out all of the windows in the house, cleaning them, vacuuming the tracks, and putting them back in again
--Cleaning out and organizing the tool/work room
--Cleaning out and organizing the pantry
--Cleaning out a large storage (aka 'junk') room and assembling items to be taken to Goodwill
--Going to their uncle's newly purchased house to help paint, clean, and get ready for moving day

AND remember, it was Spring Break for these 2 high school guys. No Florida beaches for them.

As for me, I'm having no trouble doing their laundry (besides, they even kept up with their own during that week).


Anonymous said...

OK very impressive! I would do the laundry and serve cornbread with whatever else they wanted as a treat!

kristi noser said...

Dear Lynn,
I love you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'm sure I love you, too. I checked out your blog... JT is my abosolute fave, too!... and we both love Cindy so we certainly have good taste in friends. :)