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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adoration for sale

Garage sale season is in full swing and we've done a little hunting. For fractions of the retail price I've found a high chair, summer clothes for Gabe, clothes (including 3 dresses) for Lisa, shoes, a K'Nex ferris wheel set, 2 bikes, five pieces of Pampered Chef stoneware (just $6 apiece), and more.

The best part, however, is being able to say "Yes" when the children find treasures.
"Mom, can I get this car?"
"Mom, can I get this toy?"
"Mom, can I get these cowboy boots?"
"Mom, can I...."
"Yes, yes, yes!"

It feels so good not to say the N- word!

Lisa summed it all up, "This is the first best time I've had at garage sales. You haven't been this nice ever!"


Keelie said...

That girl cracks me up! What a hoot! I'm sure it's does feel good to say yes! Can I come garage saleing with you?! Sounds like you've hit the deals!

Lynn from MI said...

I love the "y" word, too. My older wiser friend advised me, when I had #1 to say "yes" whenever I could... That there would be far too many times that I had to say "no". I used to try to remember that, your posting reminded me of that again.

Kara Jo said...

Haha! Great post. Boy, you sure got some good finds. I love a good garage sale bargain. And I like being able to say yes to my kids, too. Especially when it's not absolute junk they're oogling over.

Pampered Chef stoneware. Good find! And a ferris wheel?! Do tell.

Keithslady said...

K'Nex are in the lego/erector set family. The are plastic rods that fit together with connector things. You can make cars, trucks, and....ferris wheels. We have several sets and have a motor that will power the vehicles. Bryce hooked it up to the ferris wheel and it turns. It stand about 4 feet high.

Also, I just check online and the looks-unused-fifteen-dollar-high-chair that I bought retails for over $100! I hadn't even realized what a great deal I got.