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HOME-SCHOOL-ING: since 1990

DOWN-SYN-DROME: susie and gabe

GRAND-CHILD-REN: since 2010

FAITH-FUL-NESS: my steadfast rock, my biggest supporter, my leader, my friend, my love, my husband

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Unlikely source?

Feeling tired, a bit down, a bit weary.

Encouraged by my little Gabe grabbing my leg, smiling at me, saying "Ma....Ma" so proudly (one of the new words in his suddenly bursting vocabulary).

Further lifted up listening to my two grown daughters belting out Mark Schultz's "I Am" with piano and voices singing,

"I AM the Fount of Living Water
The Risen Son of Man
The Healer of the Broken
And when you cry
I AM your Savior and Redeemer
Who bore the sins of man
The Author and Perfecter
Beginning and the End

Somehow, some of the very ones who I thought were bringing me down are lifting me up. God is good.

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