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Monday, June 23, 2008


I've been spinning at the YMCA for the better part of four months now. I can be found on bike number 3 at 6:00 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I started out in terrible shape, unable to add any tension to the wheel, only able to stand for a 1/4 mile and very aware that my muscles had atrophied to almost nothing this past decade.

It took me two months to actually complete an "uphill mile climb" (even then, everyone else was sitting while I still had a 1/4 mile to go!). Well today, for the first time, I did not finish last! I switched my tassle and walked out of the room with my head held high.

1 comment:

Keelie said...

Woohoo!! Way to go Aunt Cindy!!I wouldn't want to go up against you!:)