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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Secret Prayer

Typically, we all pray together as a family before we eat. And, usually, those who are at home all sit down together for meals. However, sometimes we do eat a meal (typically breakfast) in shifts and everyone prays on their own.

This morning I was eating with a few of the children when my eight-year-old sat down, poured a bowl of cereal, added the milk, and then began stirring the cereal to coat it with milk--with his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes (i.e. finished his prayer) I told him he should put down the spoon and just concentrate on thanking God when he prays.

It brought back a memory of when he was just four and was sitting down to eat pancakes. He bowed his head and moved hip lips in the form of words. After he finished his sister asked him, “What did you pray about?” His response was, “Oh, I prayed, but I didn’t listen.”

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