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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life with Owen

Owen is his own unintentional comedy routine. While preparing lunch he sat in one of three rooms within earshot and I listened to his random thoughts/conversations. I wrote them down, of course. Here are the day's musings from Owen.

"I hate it when I have a farting, diarrhea belly ache."

"I don't think skinny people have that many babies. I mean, ******* has the perfect size to have babies."

"Mom, if you die will you get married again." .(That would be no)

"I would hate to live in a work house where you couldn't ask for more food. (He recently watched 'Oliver Twist'.) I'm glad I have a mom and a dad AND eight older brothers and sisters." (Because without that sibling insurance he'd be sure to end up starving in a work house.)

1 comment:

Kara Jo said...

Love it. Love the things kids say, their logic, and how they think out loud. Keep sharing!