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Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Big Helpers"

When our small children make an effort to pitch in we put on our talking-to-little-kid-voices and ask, "Are you being a big helper?" The help usually comes by way of emptying drawers, flinging laundry around the room, mixing up shoes, and doing other very nonhelpful sorts of things.

A few days ago I asked two of my teenage boys to move the furniture out of a bedroom so that I could paint.

When you move a dresser to a new location wouldn't you just naturally figure out that it will need to be used? Especially the dresser for a two-and-a-half year old who sometimes requires several clothing changes in a day.

This is what I got from my "big helpers".


Kara Jo said...

Thanks for the chuckle!

kristi noser said...

Oy! Make sure when Gabe needs to be changed, the movers are the ones you send for the clothes!