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Monday, October 27, 2008

It's that Season!

Every year, on the day of the first real snow fall--big flakes falling and coating the ground--we put on Christmas music. Last year that didn't happen until December. Today, October 27, we were all humming along with holiday tunes while we got our morning jobs done. No one complained about the jobs, either.

I love the Christmas spirit. Everyone finds it enjoyable and desireable to be cheerful and kind and they willingly adopt what should always be the "Christian spirit".


Anonymous said...

I love the Christmas *and Christian* spirit too! Yesterday we saw some flakes and I was so tempted to put in holiday tunes!! I love you - thanks for the great snowy pics!

Kari said...

Opps, that was from me!

Keelie said...

We got snow today too, but ours didn't stick. It's beautiful! But my husband would grumble all morning if I put on Christmas music - he's a bah hum bug when it comes to this time of year!:/

Chet said...

Must be sweet getting snow flakes. I got stung in the face walking everywhere today by pellets of ice falling from the sky. It was just beautiful!!! Oh yeah, I couldn't see it because I had to close my eyes to prevent permanent damage to my eyeballs. Anyway, I shouldn't complain now because you know as well as I do that pretty soon we're going to own you guys in snowfall amount!

Julie said...

I wish you could send some of the snow down south. We are still wearing shorts here.