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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

DS Awareness--Post #1

Last Saturday we attended our sons' football game at Grand Valley near Grand Rapids, MI. Gabe had slept through our pregame picnic supper so I'd filled two styrofoam cups with potatoes 'n carrots and pumpkin pie. As I walked through the entrance gate with Gabe in one arm, the cups in other, sweatshirts slung over my arm, and a diaper bag on my shoulder, a woman informed me that,
"No food or beverages are allowed in the stadium."
I pleaded,
"But this is food for the baby. He hasn't had supper and they don't really have appropriate food for him at the concession stand."
She looked up at him, grinned, pointed a few yards away, and replied,
"Well, that's my daughter over there so as far as I'm concerned you can bring in anything he needs."
I turned to see an older teenage girl with Down syndrome taking tickets where another line formed. In we went, with Gabe's supper.

That extra chromosome helps us make connections with people everywhere we go.


Kyle said...

I'm just curious as to who your son on the football team is? I follow the team very closely and it's awesome to hear from parents!

Keithslady said...

I'm sure you follow Grand Valley. I have two sons on Michigan Tech (see my post on them from last week). Grand Valley is a top notch team and we were impressed. We may have only scored 6 points, but it was our son who made the TD, giving us something to cheer about.

Keelie said...

Awesome! Love it! Isn't it fun?!