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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Political Perspectives from Aunt Susie

Following is a conversation that Aunt Susie and I had about the election yesterday.

Susie: Who are you voting for?

Me: First, you tell me who you're voting for.

Susie: I'm voting for Cain!

Me: Why's that.

Susie: Because he's going to raise taxes.

Me: Really, that's what you like about him? Anything else?

Susie: I like where he stands on the issues.

Me: Which issues are those?

Susie: Well, for one, he thinks that all people have the right to vote, black people and white people.

Me: I'm pretty sure Mr. Obama thinks the same thing. (Note: Although if you track his connection with ACORN you might suspect his support of the rights of whites to vote....) So, tell me Susie, what don't you like about Mr. Obama?

Susie: He's going to lower taxes.

Me: So, you like Mr. McCain because he's going to raise taxes and you don't like Mr. Obama because he's going to lower taxes. Why do you want to raise taxes?

Susie: Because then we'll have more money for our group home!

Spoken like a true self-preservationist.

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