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Monday, January 4, 2010

Chet and Priscilla's Wedding

Part 4 of 5
For Part 1 go to In Wyoming for the Wedding. For Part 2 go to New Year's Eve/Wedding Rehearsal . For Part 3 go to Pre-Wedding.

Chet with the guys, watching and waiting

Doug Siggins (elder who began the ceremony and gave the message) with Chet

Chet's face when the doors at the back of the church opened and he first saw Priscilla.

Priscilla's father handled the second half of the ceremony, administering the vows and pronouncing them husband and wife.

Three brothers, we used to call them "the big guys". Now, they're "the married guys".

Exchanging rings

Lighting the Unity Candle

I think the best thing about the "Kiss the Bride" pictures (or in my case here, the "Just About Kissing the Bride" picture) is the look on the faces of the attendants nearby.

Mr. and Mrs. Chet White
Leave it to Chet to sweep his bride off her feet and carry her down the aisle!

We had a few family pictures taken after the wedding and Kelly thought to grab my camera and get a couple of pictures. I'm sure the photographer will have one where we're all looking, but this is still a pretty good representation of the White family, including Papa and Grandma, but without Jamie (who was home nursing a cold and staying put in the best interest of her health and comfort as her twins due date is fast approaching).

We may have all been there for the family picture, but I don't think everyone was really "all there".

Chet and Priscilla

For Part 5 go to The Reception.

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