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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Eve/Wedding Rehearsal

Part 2 of 5
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We surprised Chet and Priscilla with a Football-Party-New-Year's-Eve-Party-style rehearsal dinner. We had about 40 members in the bridal party and immediate family plus another 20 out-of-town-family-members we wanted to include and this made it possible.

Ellen and I decorated and she came up with the wonderful idea of rearranging and color-grouping the chairs for the event. I wish I'd taken a 'before' picture so you could have seen the room with red, yellow, and blue chairs intermingled around all of the tables. There was definite circus theme going on. Finally Ellen said, "Let's at least put all of one color around each table." When we did that we realized we could ditch the blue chairs all together and we ended up with half of the tables done in red and black (the wedding colors) and half of them done in black and yellow (MTU colors). If you look closely at the plates on the table you will see a football and the words "Game Time", all done in the wedding colors.

A HUGE thank you to Kim and Hannah (the Lands' daughter and granddaughter) for volunteering to be our slaves!! They kept the platters filled and manned the serving table so our family could all sit and eat and visit. What a wonderful gift! I wish I'd taken their picture.

There were New Year's Eve parties for everyone after the rehearsal. The young married couples headed one direction, the older teens and singles headed another, and the pre-teens were at Kim and Patrick's (next to the Lands). We went home with just Gabe, put him to bed, and played Mexican Train with our hosts. If my in-laws had known what we were doing I think they would have joined us. Lisa brought a balloon bouquet home with her and, while she headed up the road to Kim's with the young kids for the New Year's Eve party, Gabe helped himself to his own party.

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