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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Music Montage of Chet and Priscilla

When you have about 15 minutes take a look at the slide show/video that Joey put together for Chet and Priscilla. It was played at their wedding reception and I sobbed through most of it. It really does something to a mother's heart to see her son married and then turn around and see him as a toddler with his brothers and sisters. The emotions were just too great and the tears spilled over.

A HUGE thank you to Joey for the hundreds of hours spent putting this together. I wish I'd thought of asking him to do something like this for our 25th Anniversary. With twins due in a few weeks I fear his photo editing days are numbered. Maybe for our 50th, Joey..... Or, I could get the software and have Bryce get on it. I think it would be right up his alley.

Here's the link to Joey's blog page and then you just click on the video--Chet and Priscilla.

PS Light and Mendo--you two even got in here! It was nice to "have you at the wedding".

PPS Note the picture of Chet in a high chair flanked by two other little guys in high chairs. Those two are cousins Marty and Kaleb (Kaleb is wearing a bib that says 'Kip'). Marty and Kaleb both stood up for Chet in the wedding--another emotional bit for me.

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