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Friday, January 22, 2010

Grandma in Training

Lisa asked me to babysit for her this morning. She was busy cleaning her room and getting her jobs done. I figured I could handle my work with one extra teddy bear to look after. However, this mama had her demands:
You need to hold her.
If you have to do something with two hands you can set her on a chair.
If she gets fussy give her a bottle or a snack.
Then, if she gets hungry you can give her lunch.
When she gets tired you can put her down for a nap.
So, daughter/daughters-in-law, when the time comes for me to care for your wee ones don't feel shy giving me a list of demands and a tutorial on the care your infant. Lisa is paving the way in assuming that I have no clue how to care for babies.

She does have a point, though. While I was deleting the unused baby bear pictures from the camera Lisa found my charge lying on the floor.....where Gabe had thrown her. On second thought, maybe I'm NOT qualified after all!


Jamie said...

Lol, with any luck we'll all be too tired to even think of any demands, let alone actually make any! At least at first anyway! After that our demanding personalities will no doubt come out in full force! ;)

Keithslady said...

You can demand all you want!

Anonymous said...

Okay.. you've been quiet for a bit! Do you have a couple of grandbabies you're busy with?
Hope all is well.